What your hands can tell you about your health

Your hands could say a thousand words and if you care to study them closely and observe the changes that are happening, then you are sure to pick up some of those telltale signs of some alarming aspects about yourself.

Your finger nails are the furthest most point from your body, and could tell you if you are suffering from a skin cancer identified by doctors as “Acral Melanoma”, very common among those with darker skin tones, where it would be shown with either a brown discoloring or black stripes under the finger nails.

A red coloring too would not bode well as it shows that you could have anti immune diseases, which can be identified as “Lupus” or “Rheumatoid Arthritis”. If you find anything of the sort, a doctor would need to be consulted.

Swelling of the fingers is also not a good sign and could invariably be something not very serious to very serious and the best would be to consult a doctor and obtain a diagnosis.

It could be quite serious like “Rheumatoid Arthrtis”, “Hypothroidism”, or even due to low Albumen and Protein levels in the body which would not bode well and would need the right medications or adjustments.

In the alternative it could be some deficiency in hormones, or too much salt or even due to dehydration in the body in which case they would need to be addressed immediately.

The length of your fingers could also tell so many things and if your ring finger is taller than your index finger you could be in for what doctors call osteoarthritis in the knee, which is s very painful condition which could make you immobile.

If your fingers are shaking uncontrollably it could also be either due to the high intake of coffee or caffeine which could be corrected by reducing its intake but it could also be “Parkinsons disease” which is quite another issue and more serious than an overdose of caffeine.

Rough palms could be either due to dry skin or even one of the many eczemas that are affecting those who contact them due to various reasons, which only a doctor would be able to tell after he takes a look at your hands.

If the palms or hands start itching then it could be something entirely different and could be due to anything from normal itchiness to any other serious issues.

A pale whiteness in your palm or cold hands in general could be due to a lack of blood flow.

If skin is peeling off your hands then it could be due to deficiencies in Vitamins that are needed to keep our skin looking nice with that extra glow even when you are exposed to the harsh realities of the Sun.

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