Stampede Strikes the Day Elphinstone Was to Become Prabhadevi Railway Station

Angry Mumbaikars vented their anger on social media, with many saying the tragedy was waiting to happen given that the city was yet again flooded after heavy rain.

Mumbai: At least 22 people were killed and 30 injured in a stampede in Mumbai’s Elphinstone Railway Station on Friday morning, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said.

The pitiful incongruity is that the catastrophe happened on a day the station was to be formally rechristened as the Prabhadevi Railway Station.

Angry Mumbaikars vented their outrage via web-based networking media, with many saying the catastrophe was holding up to happen given that the city was once more overwhelmed after substantial rain.

The rush was apparently activated when suburbanites thronged the footover extension to look for shelter from the deluge. Visuals indicate individuals bumping for space and heaving for breath.

The scaffold was plainly not sufficiently solid to deal with the colossal group, but rather calls to overhaul foundation at the station have failed to be noticed before.

Hours after the disaster on Friday, Mumbai Mayor Vishvanath, as well, passed the buck to the Railways. “The Railways ought to have made a footover connect. We will converse with Railway Minister (Piyush Goyal) who is going by Mumbai today.”

One of the most seasoned city connects, the Elphinstone Bridge, has been a theme of open deliberation for quite a while.

This is a similar extend where eminent cardiologist Dr Deepak Amrapurkar had suffocated in an open sewer vent before the end of last month.

Will Friday’s disaster jar specialists into action?